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About Us

Radiograph formed in 2015 around the original music of Lee Haddad. He was interested doing instrumental music, and he wanted the band to be a group of great musicians who all got along well, both artistically, and personally.   Richard Dry joined on drums, and soon Jeff Scott on guitar, and most recently Steve Essinger on bass joined to complete the band.  We count ourselves lucky to have such an excellent group of musicians and friends.


Radiograph blends a wide range of musical influences with funky rhythm, warmth and improvisation to create a unique sound somewhere between rock and jazz.  Each piece is an instrumental composition with melodies and thematic structure, but designed with some flexibility, and plenty of room for solos and group improvisation, so no two performances are exactly the same.


The band has played a number of great shows, both alone, and on shared bills, and we look forward to doing much more soon.  Please follow us, and sign up for our mailing list, to stay informed of upcoming performances.  We hope to see you soon at one of our next shows! 

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